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Excessive withdrawal (as per Regulation D) more than 6 per month per withdrawal $5.00
Non-sufficient funds per item $25.00
Deposit item returned per item $25.00
Statement reprint per statement $2.00
Inactive accounts with balances < $500.00 & no activity in 12+ months per month $2.00
Mail or statement returned due to incorrect address per item $3.00
Account closed within 90 days of opening $10.00
Non-sufficient Funds/ACH per item $25.00
ACH stop payment per item $20.00
Christmas Club early withdrawal-January 1 thru September 30 per occurrence $5.00
Overdraft, paid from shares per occurrence $3.00
Non-sufficient Funds per item $25.00
Overdraft protection program per item $30.00
Replace lost Debit card per card $10.00
Deposit item returned per item $25.00
Draft image fee per item $2.00
Stop payment (all items) per item $20.00
Account research/balancing per hour $10.00
ATM withdrawals in excess of 8 a month(Visa Debit Card) per item $1.00
E-Pay(Electronic bill pay) per item $0.25
Non-sufficient Funds/ACH per item $25.00
ACH stop payment per item $20.00
Certified Draft per draft $5.00
Foreign draft fee per draft $20.00
Foreign draft cash letter per draft $15.00
Foreign draft return item per draft $35.00
Non-sufficient check fee per item $25.00
Late payment after 10 days per month $25.00
VISA Statement Reprint per reprint $2.00
Money orders per item $1.00
Visa Gift Card per card $3.00
Wire transfer fee(domestic) OUTGOING per wire $20.00
Wire transfer fee(international) OUTGOING per wire $30.00
International INCOMING wire per wire $25.00
Super Share-Excessive withdrawal more than 2 a month per withdrawal $10.00
Loan payment late fee per month $25.00
Key FOB replacement per FOB $5.00
Document reprint per page $2.00
Certified letter fee per item $7.50
Credit Union draft fee(3rd party) per draft $1.00
IRA transfer to another institution per transfer $25.00
Home Equity payoff letter per letter $20.00
Subordination agreement per agreement $100.00
Account verification letter per letter $10.00
GAP Insurance per loan $400.00
Employment income/verification per verification varies
IRA annual fee per account $20.00

** Includes transactions initiated through VISA debit and EFT.
Updated January 31, 2019

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