Fraudsters don’t take time off…

Fraud attacks increased 13% last year. Although WWFCU does everything in it’s power to prevent these attacks, many are out of our control.
*When shopping online don’t be fooled by fake, look-alike, or spoofed website. As they may contain malware to capture your sensitive information.
*Watch for fake e-mails, social media sites or text messages promoting phony charities looking for donations.
*Be sure to apply in-person or go to the business’ website to validate jobs at delivery services and retailers. While it may seem like they are looking for seasonal help, they maybe trying to get your personal information.
*Remain aware of where you are at. Be on the lookout for ATM tampering or anything suspicious. Always survey your surroundings for safety.
*Sign up for transaction alerts. WWFCU offers low balance alerts, daily balance alerts and alerts telling you that someone has signed onto you online account.
*Pay attention to emails, links and websites. Think before you click.
*Close shopping websites or turnoff computer when not in use.

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